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Notary Me 2023

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+1 (253) 314-9920
+1 (253) 314-9920
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801 E 28th ST. Norfolk, Virginia 23504

My name is Tallie Bynum I am a Disabled Vet, 7 yr. served Medically Retired from the US Army, and still serving.

Traditional Notary Public, holding a Virginia Commission. Expiration Date 2/28/2026 E & O Insured

No expertise as of yet, but I am sure I will find my niche’ soon. I am based in Norfolk, Virginia. My Mobile Notary Service will come to your personal residence, but please make me aware of if you have animals, as I have severe allergies,but in that case, I will definitely meet you at a Public Library, Assisted Living community, Hospital, Law Office., Medical Office or any other convenient location.

I am Striving to get my feet wet as a Traditional Notary, while building up my business, I am willing to learn as I go while meeting the needs of my clients, making each encounter as painless as possible.

Please Note:

Personal Appearances are Required for all Noteral Acts. Virginia Notary Public can REFUSE to Notarize a Document.

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